Title: Ulster Place-Name Society

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Primary 1- 4 Winner


Kircubbin Integrated Primary School, Kircubbin, Ards, Co. Down

Joint entry by:- Aaron Hill, Conn Crawford, Conor Miley, Dominik Fitzmaurice


Ceathrú Chuibin / Cill Chuibin “Cubbin’s quarter” or “church”

Townland, Parish of Inishargy, Co. Down. J 5962

The history of the name Kircubbin is complicated, and it could mean either “Cubbin’s quarter” or “Cubbin’s church”.  Cubbin was probably a personal name, possibly a saint’s name.  There was a church, (called the chapel of Killcubin, 1615) which might have been described by Scottish settlers as a Kirk.  However, there was also a quarter of land to support it, called [Balli]carcubbine in 1605.  (Balli is baile “townland”).

Fish Quarter, Ceathrú an Iascaire “quarter of the fisherman”, known from 1604/5.

Ballycranbeg, Baile Crannaí Beag “small townland of the wooded place”.

Ballynester, Baile an Aistire “townland of the doorkeeper”, Ballynestore in 1623.


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Primary 5 - 7 Winner

Jane McStay, St Mary’s Primary School, Derrytrasna, Craigavon, Co. Armagh.


Doire Corr “oakwood of herons”

Townland, Parish of Montiaghs, Co. Armagh. J 0161

Townland, Parish of Tartaraghan, Co. Armagh H 9259

Derrycor means “oakwood of herons”.  The eastern (Montiaghs) example appears in the early 17th century as a half townland (Dirricor 1615), half ballyboe, or sessiagh (Derycorr 1657).  It was then apparently part of Derryadd, Doire Fhada “the long townland”, beside it.  Sometimes land improvements such as drainage resulted in subdivisions becoming full townlands.  The western (Tartaraghan) example appeared first in 1657, as DeryCorr.






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