Title: Ulster Place-Name Society

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Secondary Schools Winner

St Malachy’s High School, Castlewellan, Co. Down.

Joint Entries by:-

Orfhlaith Fitzpatrick, Sinéad Malone, Claire McPhillips; Kerrie Burns, Claire Hillen; Nicole McClean, Pat McMullen; Conor Flanagan, Ryan Flanagan; Elaine McVeigh; Olivia King, Colette Lowry; Marie Burns, Saoirse Ní Catháin, Kerri Ann Ward, Priscilla Ward; Laura Morgan.

The judges’ favourite hat: Castlewellan & Legananny Dolmen


Caisleán Uidhilín “Hugelin’s castle”

Townland, Parish of Kilmegan, Co. Down. J 3236

Castlewellan means “Hugelin’s castle”, from a Norman name (a pet form of Hugh) which was borrowed into Irish and also appears in the surname McQuillan. The original castle may have been in the townland of Clarkill. Castellwellan in 1583.


Liagán Áine “(the goddess) Áine’s pillar stone”

Townland, Parish of Drumgooland, Co. Down. J 3043

The name means “(the goddess) Áine’s pillar stone” and probably refers to the tall dolmen situated on the slopes of Slieve Croob with a fine view of the Mourne Mountains. It was spelled [Bally]legananagh in 1609, i.e. “townland of Legananny”.  

Adult Winner

Dorothy Moffat, Belfast Creative Glass class, BIFHE 2002-3

Joint Entry:- Betty, Billy Reynolds, Cecil Stewart, Clare, Dorothy Moffatt, Hugh McNeill, Kevin, Lynda, Myra, Paul Millar, Will Woods.

Belfast  Béal Feirste  “approach to the sandbank ford”  (battle of Fertsi, 668).

Parish of Shankill: Seanchill “old church” (capella de Vado c. 1306, Sancles 1333).

Townlands of the city area:

Altigarron  Alt na nGearrán “hillock of the horses” (Altingarron 1621).

Ballyfinaghy  Baile an Fhionnachaidh  “townland of the white field” (Ballyfinaghy 1780).

Ballynafoy  Baile na Faiche  “townland of the green”  (Ballinefeigh 1605).

Breda townland  Bréadach  “broken land”  (Brétaig c. 1050).

R. Lagan Abhainn an Lagáin “river of the low-lying district” (Venelaggan 1556).